Textile and garment industry representatives, members of the motion proposal excerpts

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2008, SAIC and Trademark Office, Trademark Review and Adjudication Board signed the settlement and the Trademark Review and Adjudication trademark registration review the backlog of responsibility, goals trademark registration in 2010 to review and address the backlog of trademark review the issue. Nearly 2 years later, the Trademark Office in trademark registration review some of the procedures did improve efficiency, for example: notification of acceptance of and trademarks issued to accelerate the review of review dismissed effect is obvious.
However, review of the application review time and still need to improve the quality and improvement and Trademark Office. For example: do not mark the actual review process was accelerated, in some commodity groups to review the time is still more than 3 years. Although efforts to resolve the Trademark Office in 2008 backlog of cases before, but after 08 trademark applications are not reduced but increased each year, if only focusing on the backlog of cases, the new has gradually become a trademark application for the backlog of cases .
In order to improve efficiency and quality of trademark examination recommendations: In addition to increasing the number of reviewers, the appropriate adjustments to the review and institutionalize procedures and standards, standardization and openness; public review of the principles of trademark and detailed review of standards; strengthen exchanges and lessons to improve the review quality; increase the trademarks of admissibility of the window, an additional review of market areas for different agencies; improve the well-known trademark recognition and protection system.
In addition to some temporary measures to quickly address the backlog of trademark applications, the applicant should be from the perspective of empathy, in the system to further improve the application process to avoid the recurrence of the backlog of cases, eliminate malicious applications and malicious opposition to happen.
- High Dekang representative "on the improvement of the efficiency and quality of trademark examination recommendations"
Seventeenth Party Congress put forward to achieve objectives for economic development, it is essential to accelerate the transformation of economic development, improve the socialist market economic system has made significant progress. Enhance the independent innovation and building innovation-oriented country, which is the core of national development strategy, the key to enhancing the overall national strength. To adhere to the road of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics, the ability of independent innovation in all aspects of modernization. Conscientiously implement the "Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Plan" to increase spending on independent innovation, and make breakthroughs in key technologies of economic and social development.Accelerate the construction of a national innovation system and support basic research, cutting-edge technology research, public welfare. Accelerate the establishment of enterprises as the mainstay and market-oriented, a combination of research and technological innovation system, to guide and support the innovative elements into enterprises, to promote scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces. Create an environment to further encourage innovation.
China's rapid economic development and corporate emphasis on innovation activities are closely related. See from the development of the market, entrepreneurship and SMEs in the early stage of development, in particular the occasion of launching new products, government procurement and the first purchase on the growth and development of SMEs is critical.
Suggested the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, the National Development and Reform Commission in accordance with the "independent innovation products in government procurement and the first order management" (treasury 〔2007〕 120) Article VIII of the first purchase management, relevant content, products purchased by the first Article the Ministry of Finance Ministry of Science and other departments jointly determined into the "Government Procurement Innovation Products" (hereinafter referred to as "directory") to be announced the first purchase within the validity period and the implementation of Article XI of the products the purchaser is purchasing the first product category purchase, purchase people should buy "directory" in the options listed first product, will provide the first government procurement contracts awarded to suppliers such as purchase products, the relevant provisions of the first start as soon as the relevant work of purchased products, focusing on products of independent innovation in government procurement and the first purchase work.
- Qian Yuebao behalf of the "national financial support for the proposal to promote independent innovation products"
I work in higher tier 33 years of teaching art to my observation and practice, that education should form a consensus that technical training is not a professional undergraduate education should also develop practical ability as an important education reform issues, and immediately implemented without delay. Because the implementation should also see the results after four years. The rapid development of our country, university education must catch up, or is bound to delay the country's overall political, economic and cultural development. Graduates of these years is precisely the starting point of China started in the backbone. Even said that hands-on training in addition to technical expertise, there are public events, community activities, to promote students to participate, as intellectual development, enhance ability, fully contribute in the workplace to achieve good results.
Undergraduate education in the training mode, has to face the social reality of a need and had to change the time.
- Hua Mei members "Undergraduate education should strengthen the hands-on ability"
"Contract Law" in 1999 after the implementation has not been issued "Regulations."Supreme People's Court in 2005 made "to hear a technology contract law applicable to a number of issues of interpretation," the court throughout the process of implementation is generally not the "product design contract" into "technical contract" category, especially not the " Product design contract to develop "into the" technology development contract "category. Thus, in the context of creative industries, many of the "product design" without a strong legal protection. But the Supreme People's Court "to hear a technology contract law applicable to a number of issues of interpretation" will continue to "patent" into a "technical success" category, that is, will be "design patent" and "product design contract" into " Technology contract "category. As the "product design" patent application is required to be approved some time, during this time, "Product design" design side is difficult to be protected by law. Especially in the delegate or co-design process of the "product design" results in all the design stage, due to time and cost reasons, not all apply for patent protection, so the designer is more difficult for the legitimate rights and interests of protection of the law. The resulting "product design contract" disputes in recent years have found that when, objectively impeded the development of China's creative design industry.
In order to "Innovation in China" to create a good social and legal environment, the proposed contract included in the product design category of technology contracts.