Guangdong toy, garment exports surge to pick up hidden behind

Views:   Update:2016/7/6 17:35:52

Latest statistics show that exports of Guangdong, the province's toy exports in January and February this year, continued growth momentum and increasing growth, export value growth of almost half of February. Clothing exports resumed growth was also found. 
March 15, Guangzhou Customs statistics released, January-February 2010, the Guangdong toy exports 720 million U.S. dollars, up 26.3% over last year. Among them, the February export of $ 330,000,000, an increase of 47.1%. 
Look from the export of Guangdong toy exports to the U.S. $ 260,000,000, an increase of 14.5% over the same period Guangdong toy export value accounted for 36.1%; the same period, exports to the EU 170 million U.S. dollars, up 26.6%, 23.6%.In addition, exports to Hong Kong and ASEAN were $ 69,730,000 and $ 51,490,000, up 21%, respectively, and 1.1-fold. 
Customs warns that although the situation in Guangdong's toy exports showed signs of improvement, but the development of the Guangdong toy companies continue to face multiple constraints. First, the slow economic recovery in Europe and America, the market demand is difficult to short-term rapid growth. Meanwhile, the escalating trade barriers, increase exports more difficult. In addition, rising raw material prices and labor costs, compressed export profit margins. 
Meanwhile, Guangdong garment exports from January to February this year of recovery growth, particularly export most goods to ASEAN this year to achieve zero tariffs on textile and garment exports to create a strong impetus for improvement.January-February, Guangdong garment exports to the ASEAN market, $ 180,000,000, an increase of 46.4%. 
Data, January-February 2010, exports of clothing and accessories, Guangdong 3.76 billion U.S. dollars, up 28.7% over last year, down 17.8% from the same period last year to grow by 28.7%. Among them, the February export of 1.53 billion, a substantial increase of 56.7%. 
January-February, Guangdong on the EU, the U.S. apparel exports were $ 980,000,000 and $ 700,000,000, an increase of 47.5% and 50.1%. Which in February these two markets, respectively, the export of $ 400,000,000 and $ 300,000,000, an increase of more than 8 percent. Hong Kong, Guangdong garment exports has been an important re-export market, January-February, Guangdong, Hong Kong's clothing exports $ 850,000,000, an increase of 7.1%. 
Customs analysts said the global economy in 2010 entered a slow recovery phase.Period, Guangdong garment export industry will face difficulties, one is excess capacity and low-end products, increased competition, on the other hand is a labor shortage of the Pearl River Delta, raw material costs are also rising, corporate profits have been squeezed.