Garment Association around the new positioning of the new decade

Views:   Update:2016/7/6 17:36:19

30 years of reform and opening up, China has a clear layout of clothing, stability, no doubt, then the regional division of labor in the industry and the role of the new decade will be even longer in what is it? Following is a regional trade association described the wonderful leadership.
Guangdong: the next 10 years, Guangdong will play a "world's most competitive industrial cluster field, advanced garment manufacturing and modern service base, the Asia-Pacific Centre and the fashion world clothing clothing exports, trade and consumption centers."
Zhejiang: As the second largest producer of Chinese clothing province, relying on the expansion of the amount of times to upgrade the industry will be changed in the next 10 years. Design, development, brand building and development will be taken seriously, you can also go through their own channels, the way the export of independent brands.
Jiangsu: weaving industry with a good basis for entering a multi-brand stage. With Jiangsu education, fashion design industry gradually, once the atmosphere to form a good brand, Jiangsu China's garment industry will be the center of the new fashion brand.
Shaanxi: the next 10 years, the total apparel industry of Shaanxi and eastern developed areas may not be comparable to, but its advantage is functional, with the textile and garment industry there must be a. "Functional industries, to science and technology" will become a combination of Eastern and Western clothing to the new label.
Henan: Henan, China's clothing will become a large province, in accordance with the current rate of development, the top five just around the corner, we will use 10 years to create a garment pattern of Henan Province.
Wenzhou: Wenzhou, the long-term goal is to create clothing boutique, gourmet products, and must occupy the commanding heights of garment industry. Wenzhou has a worldwide business network, to fashion a keen sense of smell and rapid response, process crafted, bold innovation, and more with international standards, willing to large investment. Like the robin, tireless, the first herald the break.
Anhui: various favorable policies as the country's tilt to the central region, Anhui apparel industry will enter a stage of rapid development. Anhui apparel enterprises have settled down as the central coastal region of choice for offshore, and will also play a role in garment processing province.
Shandong: province textile, apparel will be a small change in the pattern Province, Shandong clothing will be on the basis of the famous brand truly gone, the future of Shandong will become the new gathering place of Chinese clothing brands.