Imported clothing worrisome: Create own brand imperative

Views:   Update:2016/7/6 17:36:50

In Zhejiang, while many foreign brands, shockingly expensive luxury, but still sought after by fashion people, sales are rising. However, the recent spot check of a big brand clothing, causing the market's strong reaction. March 15 from Zhejiang Garment Association that recently, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou City, three shopping malls selling imported brand clothing for 85 batches of samples detected by the departments concerned, the results showed that 37 batches of qualified, not Qualified 48 batches, batch pass rate was 43.5%, which came from Italy, Korea, France and other 11 countries and regions, 30 international famous brand clothing was sentenced to failure, quality of people thinking. 
It is understood that Zhejiang is the first apparel manufacturing and export of a large province, especially in recent years, Zhejiang's garment industry was the development by leaps and bounds. Ningbo, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, emergence of a group have a higher profile in the domestic apparel brands, such as Youngor, Shanshan, Romon, Zhuang Ji, good news birds, Metersbonwe, a break, and some brands more to go abroad, and entering the international market. At present, Zhejiang has developed suits, shirts, leather, women, children and other production base, highlights the advantages of regional industrial clusters. 
At the same time, a large number of internationally famous brands also have to enter China. This is not only to Zhejiang and even China's garment industry has brought great business opportunities, it also brings challenges. At present, Zhejiang brand clothing with the international competitiveness of the lack of a strong brand, internationally recognized is low, are mid-range products. Compared with the foreign brands, the lack of cultural content, Zhejiang clothing brand, which is a fatal flaw in Zhejiang clothing brand.